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CityStar's 306 City Directory Sites and the International Business Directory at contain hundreds of thousands of keywords. Typically, every time a new listing is added to CityStar®, new keywords are added as well. CityStar® believes in the "big tent" concept, and in making the CityStar® directories inclusive rather than exclusive. The more listings are added, the more traffic CityStar® will attract from the search engines and other sources.

The main factor in CityStar®'s success in building high traffic to its sites is that Google and other search engines have ranked the CityStar® directory pages very highly on relevant searches, for example, keywords such as National Website Directory, International Business Directory, New York business directory, Dallas Texas business, London England real estate, Denver Colorado insurance, San Francisco business directory, Los Angeles California business directory and thousands of other geographically qualified keywords. Since the CityStar® sites are receiving traffic based on at least 100,000 different keywords, it is impractical to list or track them all. However, CityStar® provides regularly updated tracking information on several thousand keywords and their Google search engine rankings on these pages:

Lists of keywords with their current Google rankings

With 306 City Directory Sites and 42 categories of listings per city, CityStar® offers geographically qualified information to its visitors in more than 12,000 local keyword zones. This wealth of information tends to increase the CityStar® sites' status with search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and These search giants refer thousands of visitors a day to CityStar® directory sites. Thousands of prominent links on partner websites result in many more visits each day.

Keywords in Listings

Keywords are included in the title and body text of listings. That is why it is important that a listing is created by a human editor at CityStar® and is informed by their experience in crafting keywords into effective copy. A properly crafted listing does not appear to be a simple list of keywords, but rather, an effective paragraph of information about the client's website.

There are no hidden keyword fields in CityStar's databases of listings. It is also important to point out that the CityStar® search function itself utilizes "exact match" only, unlike pure search engines such as Google. However, since CityStar's pages are indexed by other engines, partial matches are still effective in attracting visitors through these third party SERPs.

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