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A typical page of listings in a local city site
A CityStar® listing is a written review of a client's website, with a title, description, and a screen shot of their home page. Listings are usually written by CityStar's editors, saving clients' valuable time and providing an objective, third-party review of the site, as opposed to a straight marketing pitch. Proofs of listings are emailed to clients for their approval.

There is a link to your site, along with a number representing the listing's "Page Status," CityStar's proprietary system by which any listing is given rank within its home directory or a user search within the directories. Each CityStar® listing is placed in one of the 42 major categories, and the listing is placed in a city site that corresponds to its geographic location, or in all cities if desired. In addition, the listing has the added advantage of placement in the CityStar® International Business Directory, where it attracts customers worldwide.

All listings have a title restriction of seven words and the various listing offerings have restrictions in the number of words in the description, anywhere from 50 to 100 words. Additional words can be purchased if the client desires them, though even then, there are editorial limitations dictated by design and usability.

Keywords are included in the title and description of the listing. That is why it is important that a listing is created by a human editor at CityStar® and is informed by their experience in crafting keywords into effective copy.

Page Status is a component of listings and accompanies the kind of listing that is purchased. The amount of Page Status awarded to each listing is enhanced by purchasing added features that are available for each listing, which CityStar's research demonstrates has generated increased click-through rates for clients.

All listings are subject to CityStar's Style Rules.

Types of Listings

See also: Categories, Style Rules, Enhancements

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