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Listing Enhancements are added features of Listings, which are designed to attract attention to a Listing, incrementally increase its Page Status, and provide a means of "deep linking" to the client's web pages. Two types of Listings Enhancements, Animated Screenshots and Additional Text Links, currently are available.

Animated Screenshot

Additional Page Status 0.09
An animated screenshot may be added to any type of Listing except for Video Listings. The animated screenshot replaces the standard, static home page screenshot image everywhere the client's Listing appears in CityStar®. Purchasers of this product also get an additional 0.09 points added to their listing's Page Status, to help their listing(s) outrank competing listings.

Whether a listing appears in one or many categories and/or cities, this animation will be shown in all its locations in CityStar®, and this option upgrades the site's screenshot and Page Status.

Additional Text Link

Additional Page Status 0.01
Additional text links may be added to any Listing's text description, linking to other pages within the client's website. For each text link that is added, an additional 0.01 points are added to the listing's Page Status, to help the listing appear above its competitors. A maximum of 10 text links may be added to any listing. You must have a listing before you can order additional text links.

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