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In every CityStar® site, all listings are assigned a ranking called Page Status, a number from 0 to 10. Higher status resources are displayed above lower status resources. Listings are awarded Page Status for their class (i.e. Video Listing, Featured Listing, Basic Listing, Flat Rate Listing etc.), and within each Page Status, resources are displayed in alphabetical order by name. Page Status is awarded as follows:

Additional incremental Page Status is awarded for linking back to a CityStar® site, and for purchasing certain enhancements such as an animated screenshot or additional text links for a listing. For example, a qualified site that links back to CityStar® is awarded 0.01 in additional Page Status.

Again, within a particular Page Status, the results are displayed in alphabetical order by name.

All of the companies and organizations displayed in CityStar® have either paid for inclusion, or have been included with lower Page Status as a result of their membership in certain community organizations which have provided member data to CityStar®. For example, a Colorado Springs moving and storage company or a commercial photographer might be a member of the Better Business Bureau and get a listing that way. The latter circumstance explains why there are public service listings and offline resource listings provided in some cities.

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