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Video Listings were introduced on June 1, 2010. This type of listing is placed at the top of the selected category, includes a short video, is awarded Page Status 9.30, and creates an additional YouTube presence for the listed website. The video can be up to 10 minutes in length, and the listing includes a maximum of 100 words about the business and a link to its website. The client simply chooses their city, chooses a category, enters their website address and the staff at CityStar® does the rest. The staff writes a review of the submitted website and takes a screenshot of its home page. The client can provide their own video or we will do their video production for a fee, the amount of which is determined by the length and complexity of the production.

On the CityStar® YouTube channel, the video listing generates additional exposure for the client's business. YouTube is an effective marketing vehicle: As of June 21, 2014, CityStar® has surpassed 5.9 million video views through their YouTube partner channels. The Video Listing includes keywords related to the client's business so that potential customers can find it on YouTube, and new videos are featured on the YouTube CityStar® channel home page.

You can see examples of Video Listings topping the Film and Video, Money and Business to Business categories of the National Website Directory. Clients who have a short video such as a TV commercial they would like used for their video listing may submit it for review. In the Film and Video category linked above, the video that is shown was provided by the animation studio placing the listing, a division of CityStar® Group, Inc.

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