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Jump to: navigation, search was developed as the International Business Directory by CityStar® Group, Inc., a Colorado based media company founded by Artie Romero. It consists of a network of 306 City Directory Sites that get millions of hits a month. The network has been extensively promoted via TV, radio, print media, outdoor advertising, direct mail and on the Web. Thousands of websites have linked to CityStar®, and CityStar® pages have maintained positions in major search engines for thousands of keywords. It's easy to add your site.

CityStar's administrative and support facilities are located in Phoenix, Arizona, and its servers are in Colorado Springs, CO and Los Angeles, CA.

The domain was registered in December, 1996. In 1997, the site was first organized into a local Colorado Springs business directory. In December, 1999, CityStar was established as a C corporation in Colorado by Artie Romero, and it was voluntarily dissolved in September, 2015.

CityStar® first became a federally registered trademark in 2002. Each of the CityStar® city directories includes pages of listings for resources in other nearby cities, covering a total of over 4,918 cities and towns.

In 2014, Romero auctioned the CityStar domains, website, registered trademark and other assets, and dissolved CityStar Group, Inc. in 2015. The auction winner was Greg Tracy of Salt Lake City, Utah, who subsequently sold them to Phoenix, Arizona based BizIQ LLC.

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