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CityStar Associates Program

Starting in the fall of 2009, CityStar's Business Development Director worked closely with CityStar® CEO Artie Romero to create training and testing materials for CityStar's official Associates Program, with the goal of recruiting hundreds of local Associates in cities nationwide. A CityStar® Associate is an independent contractor who has been trained and licensed by CityStar Group, Inc. to help business owners and other website managers boost traffic to their websites, primarily by assisting them in acquiring well written and positioned Listings in the International Business Directory and relevant local CityStar® sites.

CityStar® has committed itself to supporting its Associates through massive marketing campaigns. To help take the CityStar® network to the next level and to promote the brand, CityStar® is currently purchasing tens of millions of online ad impressions each month. Radio and TV advertising is currently in production, and more local phone numbers and virtual office locations will soon be added, as well. CityStar® will distribute press releases about its expansion efforts, and will update these wiki pages as the marketing and public relations campaigns progress.

Associates are trained, coached and mentored on an ongoing basis, and are well paid for their efforts. New recruits enter basic Associates training. Upon completion of the first round of instruction they are tested, and are awarded CityStar® Associate status. At that point they are able to start earning commissions, and may proceed to the CityStar® Academy, an advanced training course which, when completed, gives them the added credential of Internet Marketing Specialist (IMS).

As of November 2, 2011, there are more than 180 people enrolled in this program. There is no cost to join, and the application form is linked from this page:

CityStar® Associates

Owner Associate

Ultimately, by reaching certain production goals and by contributing their efforts to helping others in the community of CityStar®, Associates may achieve Owner Associate status. An Owner Associate selects a local CityStar® website, and earns commissions on all Listings placed in that site, no matter who sold those listings. Owner Associates receive several other benefits:

  • Spokesperson for CityStar® in their city, does media interviews (optional)
  • Paid commissions on all listings placed in their local CityStar® site
  • Receives email inquiries from their local CityStar® site (optional)
  • Local phone number posted on all pages (optional)
  • May initiate media cross-promotions, co-brand local CityStar® site
  • Invited to incentive meetings, accommodations paid by CityStar®

CityStar's Goal

The following is a quote from CityStar's Business Development Director:

"Our goal is to be the best national business directory in the country. We believe we already are, and we are going to get even better with fresh ideas that will energize the field. We have been in this profession for fourteen years, and our expertise is considerable."
"We are of the opinion that a company like CityStar®, with its unique selling proposition, is poised to do great things. From our perspective, with our team's experience and our company's rock-solid foundation, we see tremendous potential. It is right around the corner and we invite those who have a need for growth, both personal and financial, to join us in what we see as an adventure."
--November 25, 2009

By offering Associates basic sales training, internet marketing training and a full featured, interactive company intranet, CityStar® intends to expand its network to dominate the city directory space in the U.S. in the near term, and eventually, worldwide.

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